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Königstraining goes Outdoor

Equine guided learning

Equine guided learning is a very intense and intuitive way of personal development. Königstraining provides horse facilitated leadership development. Participants will experience non judgemental feedback on individual communication skills and the effect it has on others. This will help develop a stronger self awareness und will give the opportunity to learn and adapt new ways of behaviour.

Our trainings are made to measure for your requirements.

Nature integrative coaching and training

Nature is like a successful business surviving by continually changing and adapting, creating new  lifeforms optimised to function under the given circumstances. Hence there’s a lot we can learn from nature.

Did you know, for example,

… that we are still genetically and physically programmed on survival in nature.

… the Max-Planck-Institute for Education has published a study which shows that people living close to or in nature have a better way of dealing with stress related symptoms as high blood-pressure.

… that cerebral perfusion is significantly higher when walking in nature compared to sitting at your desk and that we are therefore…

… more likely to find creative solutions to problems/challenges.


The Stanford Graduate School of Education has published a study which shows that a group of students trying to solve a task while walking in nature was 60% more successful than the reference group who was dealing with the same task sitting indoors.

Having this in mind we at Königstraining decided it’s about time to integrate nature in our coaching and training process.

Königstraining stays Indoors

Classic Training concepts

Naturally we offer our training concepts indoors in your building or any other preferred venue.

We work in an open seating arrangement including traditional media as flip chart, pin board, smart-board …

By the open room design participants are motivated to actively take part in the training process. Discussions and group tasks encourage all members of the team to bring in their ideas and perspective. Our carefully designed training concept will invite participants to try out new solutions and new behaviour and thereby create new forms of working together.

Melanie König offers passionate professionalism.

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